Sunday, August 5, 2007

From Rent Committee General Secretary - "Tenants can stay in rented homes for at least 3 years"

The Dubai Rent Committee has cleared air, and announced that landlords who wish to move back into their homes that have been rented out, cannot do so, until the tenants completes three years of contract.

Despite the fact that the standard rental contracts last one year, unless the agreement signed by both parties state otherwise, the rent committee would still stand in support of the leaseholder.

The General Secretary of the Committee, Mohammad Ahmad Al Shaikh, said the tenants have the right to stay in the property, due to the money invested in furnishing the house.

"It is no doubt, the prerogative of the house owners to live in their own house. But, in case, they have decided to let out the house for rent, they should understand that it is for a minimum of three years, though the contract is signed only for a year," Al Shaikh said.

Many landlords are said to have approached the rent committee as the tenants are refusing to vacate the property. But, according to Al Shaikh, the case will move in favour of landlord, only if, the contract clearly states that the house will have to be vacated after a year.

In the meanwhile, the landlords have branded the rule as "absurd" and "against the basic principles of ownership laws", as it prevents them from moving into their own house, but, the tenants have welcomed the policy.

As per the guidelines issued by the rent committee, the landlords who wished to move back into their own homes, could do so, provided, they do not rent our their house again.

The committee says that in case the landlord wishes to move back to their own house, their intention behind doing so, should be proven, and the landlord should ensure that the tenants are provided with sufficient notice period.

Any landlords violating these conditions will have to bear the consequences, the rent committee said.

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Anonymous said...

It seem that Emaar are removing the renewal clause from any 'renewal' contracts

this is illegal and the rent committe will confirm this

has anyone dealt with this issue???

Anonymous said...

Thsi sound like a good news.. I went the other day to EMAAR office at the greens to renew my contract and they told me that the renewal will only take place 30 days prior to the expiry of the lease contract, they claim that this was comunicated through one of the newsletters they have sent, PLEASE if anyone has this newsletter send it to my email at:

Anonymous said...

there is no such newsletter
Basically EMAAR are playing games
You have every right to now take your case to the rent committee
i am taking them to the committee now for not putting the renewal clause back in

Anonymous said...

I've just received a letter from EMAAR saying that my flat has been sold to a new owner, my lease renewal is in october, any confirmed idea what the new land lord can do??

Anonymous said...

Any news from the rent committee about the removal of the renewal clause????

Anonymous said...

Hi All ,
I have to go and pick up my contracts soon like next week so any update on the rent commitee call with regard to the removal of clause ?
Any Advice if i should sign or not if they removed the clause ?

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