Monday, October 1, 2007

A result?

It appears today that the Rent Committee has told Emaar/Hamptons tenants that the renewal clause will be reinstated in the contract and that Emaar/Hamptons will cover the Rent Committee costs of the tenants who brought actions.

We do not have any judgement in writing yet, but this verbal judgement was given to some tenants today and they were told that the matter is resolved. It appears that this decision has happened after the matter was escalated to the chairman of Emaar.

Presumably if this is the case then Hamptons will write to affected tenants to inform them. It may be worth contacting Hamptons by email to ask them to confirm that they accept this judgement and will issue revised leases for signing.

Hopefully there will be no further issues. We await details from Hamptons. Those tenants with pending cases over this issue at the Rent Committee are best advised to attend unless they have a new revised contract signed prior to their appointment date.
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