Monday, February 19, 2007

Response from EMAAR

The Homeless Tenants group has received contact from EMAAR asking for a meeting to discuss tenants concerns. It's not clear at this stage whether the intention is to offer any material concessions that will help the dire effect that this sale will have on many tenants, or just to further explain EMAAR's position and reasoning. We will of course keep you informed when we have any news.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to everyone...
I believe we should meet all together before this meeting takes place with EMAAR...
Thank you again to the organizers, wish you all the strength in the whole world...

Anonymous said...

Thanks alot for whatever you have done .
Pls ,consider the rent increase which is unoffordable for many of us ,at the time of renewing our contract with the NEW OWNER.!!

Anonymous said...

Any meeting with EMMAR should be held with taking part and presence of all tenants affected by EMMAR policy. They should all be presented at the meeting with EMMAR.
Meanwhile please be reminded that our goal and target is to convince EMMAR to keep the level of the rent upto max 7% increase as per govermental law & regulation for landlords.
Please be wary and vigilant against possible tricks they might prank against us.

Anonymous said...

Considering how EMAAr have conducted themselves thus far, I am rather sceptical. I think they are just going through the motions to make it look like they're being flexible, but I expect nothing to be offered of any significance. Emaar obviously has some reason for trying to dump its stock of apartments in the shortest time possible. If they need the money that bad, or have some expectation of a sudden drop in value of real estate in March as seems likely, then they're unlikely to miss the opportunity to shaft the tenants. I think this really reveals the true face of Dubai. THey try to sell us on this paradise place of decency and safety, but you find out they really just want to milk people for whatever they can get.

Anonymous said...

This is good news. At least they have responded. We should not be so sceptical of everything Emaar does. Frankly as much as we hate to admit it, they do have a legal right to sell these flats. Let's just state our concerns and ask them for what is our status if we don't buy.

I for one cannot even dream of buying so I just want to make sure I'm not kicked out.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Let's be optimistic, even if we get disappointed at the end. Being invited for direct dialog with Emaar is a big achievement.

Thanks and fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much to the organisers for spending time on this and speaking on behalf of the tenanats - greatly appreciated.

If the sale of the apartments is still to go ahead, then I believe that it is highly unlikely that Emaar will be able to guarantee that the tenants are not be kicked out after the expiration of the current lease.

The new owner could possibly be occupying the apartment and in those chases we will not have a chance. If we are lucky, we will get a new landlord who will not increase beyond the 7% or 15% (still not sure what is allowed or not allowed) - the rest will be homeless.

I personally do not have much time to find out what will happen; whether we are subdued to a much higher rent or will be homeless. I am seriously considering moving back home and will be making my decision within the next 7 days.

Hopefully by then, it will become clear if Emaar is willing to re-consider their selfish decision.

Good luck to all.

Anonymous said...

Can we at least know when will the meeting be held? and what exactly is our stand? demands??

Anonymous said...

Please for you who will go to the meeting kindly address both issues, the ourchasing option (more discount) as well as the rent concern not only the rent.

Anonymous said...

I think everyone is just over-reacting. The facts are just this:

1. Emmar has a right to sell the apts.

2. The new owners cannot kick us out unless they prove to the rent commitee that they will live there. My experience with this has been that the commitee asks for PROOF from the the landlord.

3. If there is already a lease agreement in place, the new landlord cannot increase more than 7% MAX.

4. Rent commitee is totally on the side of the tenants and if you are concerned, go and meet them to find out.

5. Emmar is not a charitable organisation and we are not going to get a penny more discount from them.

Let's face the facts and move on!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the organisers who have put in all the hardwork, sacrifice their sleep for the betterment of the majority, great achievement and thanks for whatever you have done for us. Let's be optimistic and hope for the best.

Al Ghozlan 3 tenant

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous at 23:46

1. We have stated so many times that EMAAR has the right to sell their properties, but they should think about the impact of their decision on the tenants and their families.

2. The new owner can and most probably will kick us out of the apartment, basically for one of two reasons, one is that they really want to move in and live in the apartment, or they want to a higher return for their investment. And believe me, from my experience, they can easily obtain a PROOF.

3. Why would an investor settle with a 7% increase in return if he/she can get 50%-60%?

4. Am sure the rent committee is on the side of the tenant, but they cannot offer you more than compassion and sympathy when they tell you: “Sorry, but there’s nothing we can do about it, the landlord wants his apartment for his own use.”

5. We know that EMAAR is anything but charitable organization, and we are not waiting for any charity from anyone. Believe me, we will get more discount, am sure EMAAR was hoping to sell a large number of the apartments to the existing tenants but were rather shocked with the cold response from us, believe me they will give us an additional discount.

We are facing the facts here and we are moving forward, unfortunately it’s easier for some of us to just give up and move backward.

Anonymous said...

Dear almost homeless Greens residents

As you are probably aware, Emaar are also planning to sell the Lakes so an additional 850 families will be joining your plight. The rumoured value is AED 1,200/sq ft (if a 'draft' of the letter we will be receiving is to be believed) which is considerably more than the current market value for brand new properties. Which tenants in their right minds will want to purchase a 5yr property at such a value is beyond my mind as has been the case in the Greens (I understand that less than 8% of Greens tenants have shown an interest in purchasing). I am sure Emaar want to get these villas/appartments sold off quickly to just a handful of big investors which is why their offer is so unattractive to tenants, so I doubt very much it is in their interest to improve it.

My question is, if our homes are purchased by an investor, how can they increase our rents? Are they not bound by the new rent cap or is there another rule that I have missed for new owners?

Please keep up the pressure, as soon as the Lakes announcement is made we will be joining you!

A concerned Lakes resident

Anonymous said...

I heard from someone that Emaar managers has met some of the tenants to discuss the issue. Is this true? And if so why the silence from the organisers. Please tell us.

Anonymous said...

Hi, It was nice to get a sms last night asking us to meet IMMIDIATLY for an urgent meeting on Emaar's responce. I would be nice to also get an update on what happend in the meeting (if it took place)

Anonymous said...

many of us have no Idea about another meeting ,as we didn't get any sms!!
Would you(organisers) pls inform all through this site what's going on?
Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

I receiced no SMS as well. What's going on?

Anonymous said...

Why the silence from organisers???
we would like to know what is going on please

No SMS here either

Anonymous said...

Hi All,
It seems the organizers got tired of working on this issue and the disappointment is too big.
My sources tell me that:
1.) no further discount for buyers.
2.) Selling will happen!!
3.) The deadline will be extended for approx. 1 Week.

Please note that I do not have documented prove of this information and there is a possibility that there is a more positive update from the Organizers (hope so for you as well as for my self).
The funny part is that Emaar is taking a real "take it or leave it stand!", I have investigated the possibility of getting the same conditions (3% discount + 5000 waiver and 97% finance) from Emaar for another Emaar property so that at least if I buy with such an amount of Money I get something of higher quality. the answer was simple quick and without wasting any time to think or investigate (NO NO). this offer is ONLY for the Ap. you are staying in.
So for renting we have the problem of not knowing how good or bad the new Landlord will be (lets wait and see and pray for our Kids that the new LL is nice) and for buying we have the Problem of the high price and in addition NO choice no upgrade no down grade.
Sorry all, I wish I had some better news but I thought it is just fair to share with you what I know. The last hope is now only that our dear hard working Organizers who actually took a stand for all of us over rule all what I wrote here with some great news.

Anonymous said...

Dear All,


Please note that two meetings were held with EMAAR yesterday and today.

We discussed the issues of those who CANNOT afford to buy and hence their issues and also the issues of those who would like to buy but are not pleased with the offer from EMAAR.

EMAAR representative have promised to discuss with management and revert.


Also kindly note that there are NO ORGANISERS. A group of tenants are doing this on voluntarily basis - they are employees and family members who are equally tight with their time as yourselves so please be kind with your remarks.

Lastly would be great to get some more volunteers willing to help with the matter. Would appreciate those interested to be more involved on regular basis to email with their names and contact details.


Anonymous said...

Thanks organisers. Whatever anyone says I can tell you that the 1 week extension is a big acheivement considering that Emaar was not even willing to consider an extention.

Even though we may have been hoping for some big change, we must applaud the work of the organisers for at least getting us some breathing time. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Any update after the meeting with EMAAR?

contact us: homelesstenants[at]